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 Case Study: Kangla Pungmayol
Submission by
D. Roy Laifungbam
CORE Manipur Loisanglen, India

KANGLA PUNGMAYOL: LAIPHAM OF THE MEITEI - INDIGENOUS PEOPLE OF MANIPUR -- Cultural Heritage and Sacred Sites: World Heritage from an Indigenous Perspective, Manhattan, New York City, 15 May 2002

Case Study: Hueco Tanks
Submission by
Ramón Arroyos, Tecuhtli Kalpulli Tlalteca
Hueco Tanks State Park, El Paso, Texas: The Case of Kalpulli Tlalteca and Tonal Teokalli -- Cultural Heritage and Sacred Sites: World Heritage from an Indigenous Perspective", School of Law of New York University, May 15, 2002
Submission by Lembulung M. Ole Kosyando
Maasai Tanzania 
Guidelines or recommendations regarding developments proposed to take place on sacred sites and on lands and waters occupied or used by  the indigenous Maasai people
Submission by Larry Childs, Cultural Survival, Cambridge, MA Responding to concern expressed by citizens of Djenne about the construction of a dam at Talo upstream, Cultural Survival commissioned a report by an expert team from the International Development Office at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Submission by Helene E. Hagan, Amazigh (Berber), Morocco Document released by the Federal Council (Legislative Body) of the Amazigh World Congress, (CMA) on April 21, 2002, at the conclusion of its annual meeting held on April 12th and April 13th in Agadir, Morocco.
Submission by Tzu-Ming Liu Rukai, TAIWAN Rukai People’s Sacred Sites,  Taromaring Lake and Bayu Lake
Submission by  Roberto Mucaro Borrero United Confederation of Taino People Cultural Heritage and Sacred Sites: World Heritage from an Indigenous Perspective Wednesday, 15 May, 2002 - New York University

Submission by Yachay Wasi

From desecration of human remains to sacred sites …

Submission by Karen Marrero & Juan Gualinga Sarayacu,Ecuador
Sarayacu, an indigenous Amazon Kichwa community found in the Province of Pastaza in the central Amazon Rainforest region of Ecuador in South America

Submission by
Kealoha Pisciotta Hilo, Hawai`i
Sacred Mountain-Mauna Kea one of the Native Hawaiian Peoples most sacred Wahi Pana (sacred places) continues to be occupied, desecrated, and destroyed by some of the richest and largest nations in the world

Submission by
Tracy Glynn Jakarta, Indonesia
Poboya Forest Park Threatened by Rio Tinto’s PT CPM Mining Plans

Submission by Dr. Albert DeTerville Saint Lucia [Hiwanaru]


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