From Kari-Oca to Kimberley
Beatriz Painiqueo Signing the Kari-Oca Declaration
Beatriz Painiqueo
Signing the Kari-Oca Declaration



World Conference of Indigenous Peoples on Territory, Environment and Development and the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Kari-Oca and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1992
Kari-Oca Introduction
Kari-Oca Press Release, June, 1992
Kari-Oca Communications Events
Kari-Oca Declaration and Indigenous People's Earth Charter Introduction
Preamble to the Declaration
Kari-Oca Declaration
Kari-Oca Indigenous People's Earth Charter
Kari-Oca Indigenous People's Earth Charter - Interactive Version
Kari-Oca at UNCED


Indigenous Peoples' International Summit on Sustainable Development and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) Kimberley and Johannesburg, South Africa, August 20 - September 4, 2002

We reaffirm the vital role of the Indigenous
Peoples in sustainable development

Kimberley Introduction
The Kimberley Declaration
Indigenous Peoples' Plan of Implementation on Sustainable Development

Yusuf Ali
Yusif Ali on Assignment in South Africa

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, Kenneth Deer and Lucy Mulenkei

The United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development and Indigenous Peoples' Right of Self-Determination
Natalie Drache
Political Declaration - Indonesia, Bali, 6 June 2002


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Kari-Oca to Kimberley

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