The Indigenous Peoples delegates continued lobbying for the inclusion of the phrase that reaffirms their role in sustainable development.

The delegates told a press conference today that they had received commitments of support from three states, Denmark, Norway and Finland for the insertion of their recognition into the governments' Political Declaration.

The delegates also used the press conference to present their demands and sought for press support in their endeavours.

The officials said they were engaging their governments in series of talks, and that they had received a pledge from the government of Norway that it would propose the inclusion of their resolution into the Political Declaration.

They are expected to engage governments in talks as a group from next week.

The Indigenous delegates also called on the United States to sign the Kyoto protocol and withdraw its military from Indigenous lands, and stop production of weapons of mass destruction, as it's a sign of its commitments to sustainable development.

The call comes in the wake of an announcement by the US President George Bush - major pronouncements at the summit.

Bush, who announced today that the American delegation to the World Summit will be led by the Secretary of State, Colin Powell, said his delegation will come with concrete and practical proposals for strong and lasting partnerships to advance some of the world's key development priorities.

"We expect him to write off debts of developing nations, pay-off the environmental destruction caused by militarisation of Indigenous lands, and decommission the nuclear weapons, as a Christmas gift to the Indigenous people" said Victoria Tauli Corpuz, of the Philippine based Indigenous organization, Tebtebba.

The delegates said that over the decade, they had made great achievements. These include getting the Indigenous Peoples world-over to come out and press for their demands and the formulation of their Declarations.

"Suppression of Indigenous and traditional Peoples does not cancel out poverty," Chief Oren Lyons, a member of the Native American delegation from the United States, said.

Lyons said they will continue pressing for access rights to waterways, oceans and other natural resources.

"Governments of the world must endorse the Draft Declaration of Indigenous Peoples, and stop suppressing them" Lyons demanded.

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