Six member states of the United Nations have formally voiced their support for the inclusion of a sentence that reaffirms the role of Indigenous Peoples in the governments' Political Declaration at the ongoing World Summit on Sustainable Development.

Four other Nations including the United States, Canada, Sweden and Panama have reportedly also indicated their support for the proposal.

The six states that declared their support during a meeting with the Indigenous Peoples delegates on Tuesday, include Norway who are expected to table the proposal at the government representatives meeting, as well as Finland, Chile, Denmark, Palestine and the Philippines.

Similar backing has also been received from two United Nations bodies, the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).

The Danish representative and a senior adviser in the Danish government delegation, Tove Pedersen, said her country would lobby all other governments to endorse the proposal.

"The Danish government is committed to continued dialogue with Indigenous Peoples, and it's time all nations appreciated the fact that they (Indigenous Peoples) are here to stay," Pedersen said.

UNEP representative at the meeting, Bakari Kate, expressed UNEP's recognition of the vital role the Indigenous Peoples play particularly in regard to biodiversity.

"Our pattern is your pattern, and your pattern is our pattern, our objectives are the same and as such we are fully behind you," Kate stressed.

The Indigenous group is demanding for the inclusion of the phrase into the governments' Political Declaration as a sign of commitment from those governments that they do appreciate and uphold the Indigenous I Peoples as vital in sustainable development.

The phrase which they want included into the Declaration states" We reaffirm that the Indigenous Peoples have a vital role in sustainable development".

The indigenous groups are intensifying lobbying for further support from various groupings including the European Union, African Union and individual countries.

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