Members of the Indigenous People to the World Summit on Sustainable Development on Sunday (today) held roundtable talks with government representatives, members of civil society and UN representatives to lobby for support.

The delegate presented the Kimberley Declaration and a phrase which they demand to be included in the government's political declaration.

The phrase calls on governments all over the world to recognize the vital role played by Indigenous People in sustainable development.

The two-hour long meeting lobbied for support from all the stakeholders at the summit.

The Chairman of the Arctic Council at the UN, Peter Stenlund and Assistant President for Economic Policy and Resource Strategy Department at the International Fund for Agricultural Development, Phrang Roy, welcomed the Kimberley Declaration, and pledged support for the Indigenous group at the government level.

Chief Oren Lyons told the officials " Let's put our strength together, I urge you all to press forward, we must have a united mind, one heart, one spirit on behalf of our people, it's a tall order but we must not give up" he appealed to them.

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