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The International indigenous peoples' conference ended in Kimberly South Africa today with a declaration to push forward with the Kari-Oca demands.

The 300 delegates from the seven regions of the world declared to pursue the promises made to their people at the Earth Summit Rio De Janeiro and reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring provision of peace, equity and justice to all.

"As people we reaffirm our rights to self-determination and to own, control and manage our ancestral lands and territories, waters, and other resources" a section of the Declaration read.

The delegates also stressed the need for national, regional and international recognition of indigenous peoples and promotion and protection of their traditional knowledge systems, assurance and protection of their collective intellectual property rights.

Among other issues the conference also resolved to seek the establishment of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and its important work. The delegates were scheduled to depart from Kimberley for Johannesburg ready to push for their resolutions in the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

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