Ingrid Washinawatok El-Issa

  Ali El-Issa on the death of his wife Ingrid Washinawatok
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The traditional Dine People of the Southwest United States have a very important concept that has allowed them to make very wise decisions for their peoples’ benefit that is called the Fourth Voice, or the Fourth Mind.

This concept has only recently been explained to me and how I understand it is that when a member of a decision making body had to make a decision that involves an “interest” close to them they must go into this concept called the Fourth Mind, or the Fourth Voice.

This Fourth Mind allows you to rise above self-interest and pose the questions that need to be asked so that self-interest disappears and an unbiased decision can be reached. In this way and in only this way do you know you are making the best decision for the PEOPLE.

Ingrid Washinawatok El Issa
Menominee Nation

Ingrid Washinawatok El Issa
speaking on behalf of the Indigenous Women's Network
UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations July 1997

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All of us working on Dialogue Between Nations would like to wish the family, friends and all the relations of Ingrid Washinawatok El Issa, Lahe'ena'e Gay and Terence Freitas strength in this time of sorrow. We would like to honor their spirits with a discussion on the Fourth Mind


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Statement by Krishnamurti

Last Talks At Saanen, 1985, pp. 84-85.
Policies of Oppression in the Name of "Democracy"
Economic History of the Hau De No Sau Nee
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