Konrad Sioui



Konrad Sioui


Indigenous Nation: Huron Wyandot
Nation State: Canada
Language(s): Wyandot / English
UN Region: Western Europe and Other States

KONRAD SIOUI is a hereditary chief of the Bear Clan of the Huron-Wyandot Nation, has been Chief and acted as Grand Chief of the Council of his Nation, and was elected three consecutive times Regional Chief of the First Nations, of Quebec and Labrador. During that time, he represented the region on the Executive Council of the Assembly of First Nations and acted on numerous occasions as Grand Chief under the leadership of George Erasmus.

Konrad is a nationalist and activist, a master administrator, and philosophically a believer and supporter of the political defense and protection of the rights of indigenous peoples as put forth by Rigoberta Menchu Turn. He was the official and national spokesperson on constitutional reform issues between 1984 and 1994. He won a landmark, unanimous decision at the Supreme Court of Canada in the spring of 1991 against Quebec and Canada known as the Sioui Decision. This ruling acknowledged that treaties entered into between the Crown and First Nations are international agreements entered into between sovereign nations. Mr. Sioui is also recognized by Elijah Harper as one of the main figures, along with Phil Fontaine, who actively fought against the Meach Lake Accord.

At the international level, Chief Sioui has represented the Assembly of First Nations in Geneva from 1985 to 1992. He has addressed the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Peoples on numerous occasions on issues such as treaty rights, human rights, the rights of children and the elderly, land rights and development. He has also addressed the U.N. Commission on Human Rights about the urgent necessity to modify the U.N. Charter to allow access for indigenous peoples of the world.

Chief Sioui is a dedicated humanitarian, a diplomat and a skilled negotiator. He is a stead fast man of principle who pursues a simple and traditional lifestyle with his wife Linda Rock of the Innu Nation, and his four children on the Huron Reserve at Wendake, Quebec.

Source: Accessed April 25, 2007

Dialogue between:

Antonio Espinoza Huayllas, Aymara, Bolivia
Konrad Sioui, Huron Wyandot, Canada

Recorded during the Earth Summit and Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June, 1992 this dialogue was the result of Antonio and Konrad meeting each other in a taxi cab en route to a hotel where videotaping with Konrad was to take place. By the end of the taxi ride, they discovered they had a lot to share. A spontaneous moment was captured between two strangers, intimately sharing their values, suffering, and aspirations.

Full Transcript

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