Antonio Espinoza Huayllas



Antonio Espinoza Huayllas


Indigenous Nation: Aymara
Nation State: Bolivia
Language(s): Aymara / Spanish
UN Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

ANTONIO ESPINOZA HUAYLLAS, Bolivian Elder, Amauta (spiritual leader).

"My name is Antonio Espinoza Huayllas. I am an Amauta, originating from the Collosuyo region. Today it is called Bolivia."

Dialogue Between:

Antonio Espinoza Huayllas, Aymara, Bolivia
Konrad Sioui, Huron Wyandot, Canada

Recorded during the Earth Summit and Global Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June, 1992 this dialogue was the result of Antonio and Konrad meeting each other in a taxi cab en route to a hotel where videotaping with Konrad was to take place. By the end of the taxi ride, they discovered they had a lot to share. A spontaneous moment was captured between two strangers, intimately sharing their values, suffering, and aspirations.

Full Transcript

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Audio excerpt in Aymara and Spanish with English transcript

In this excerpt from a Dialogue between Antonio and Konrad Sioui, Antonio shares the four traditional values of Aymara philosophy 

Antonio offers a convocation to the great spirits and the martyrs of the Indigenous struggle in a ceremony at Tiwanaku, Bolivia - Video


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