Huron Wyandot
Turtle Island

RealAudio Konrad

Audio Translation: I was just to say that the first time that I arrived into our school, in our reserve, the big nun, the first thing that she said to us was: "Now you have to put yourself on your knees and ask forgiveness, forgiveness, praise the Lord, ask forgiveness for what you've done to those priests. Your Nation, you were savages, you were barbarous, you didn't know how to live and you killed those beautiful, holy priests that were coming to teach you the good news, and look what you've done with that. You've killed the martyrs".

I looked at the nun, and I was on my knees and I started to cry because it was the first time in my life that I felt ashamed, that I felt something inside of me that I never felt before and it was very serious. So I brought it back home and as a chance, I had older brothers and sisters and they told me not to worry about that. That was a false history, it was not true history.

My father said to me then, at night I said that to my father, he said: "My son, don't believe that. Just pretend that they are true, just pretend for sake of making sure that you are a good student, that you learn what they teach you, but don't believe that. You know our ancestors were good people, and one day," he says, "time is the father of truth, one day you are going to write it, the true history. You are going to allow it that the people of your generation… you are going to re-write all that. You're going to repossess what has been stolen away, what has been taken away from you."


Abya Yala

RealAudio Antonio

Audio Translation: Well, this is the way it is. We are in the right and we speak the truth. It seems to me that the truth that is sought was sought long before the usurpers, the intruders came. They have covered our truth, but the truth comes out again, that does not end.

I wanted more than anything to say that within the truth there are four values, four philosophical principles, everything we have, our way of life; without removing spirituality. I very much agree that we should no longer speak of religion, because it is false, it is much better to speak of spirituality because we carry that inside - yes?

These four values are, first reciprocity, because we are all a community, in harmony. Reciprocity has been practised for thousands of years.

Then comes solidarity, because we are like a family in it, wherever we may be, be it in a town, in an Aymara Nation, in a Quechua one, in the end we are like one family and this is why we should practice solidarity.

Next, honesty must be practised. To have no stains, not to walk like this, but straight; from this comes honesty.

And finally comes responsibility. We, who were born in a native culture, originating from the world, more so when we are born, they teach us teach us these principles. We then learn upon this, we learn the responsibility that is called to "serve your community".


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