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Natalie Drache


Natalie Drache is the Editor/Publisher of Dialogue Between Nations and Producer of dbn.tv (Digital Broadcast Network). Over a fifteen year period, Natalie has done media work at numerous UN mega-Summits, meetings and events of Indigenous Peoples at the UN in Geneva, New York and the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C. She is also the Executive Director of Dragonfly Blue Productions Inc., a diversified media company based in Vancouver, Canada. Ms. Drache, a graduate of the UCLA Film School, has been a Script Supervisor for more than twenty years in the Hollywood motion picture industry. Her credits include the Academy Award winning film, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. She has also covered a number of international Film Festivals, including Cannes, as a film journalist.

Attending a public broadcasting workshop at Penn State University in the mid 1990’s, she ventured across the hall into a seminar hosted by IBM on the subject of virtual universities. This chance encounter led to a profound shift in her vision of communications, and subsequently, she enrolled in the University of British Columbia’s Post-Graduate Certificate Program in Technology-Based Distributed Learning.

Ms. Drache has been an individual member of the Inter-American Distance Education Consortium (CREAD) for more than a decade. She has presented Dialogue Between Nations in plenary sessions and workshops throughout the Americas, as well as showcasing thematic content in multimedia installations at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec; the Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona and the UN World Summit on the Information Society in Tunisia.

A strong advocate for human rights, she also co-curated a major exhibition with Amnesty International in Spain, dedicated to prisoners of conscience.


Talented individuals from many regions of the world consult and collaborate on a project by project basis from their homes and workplaces in the design and management of this website.

Core Unit
Natalie Drache Producer
Cheryl Smith Web Designer, Author
Juanita Hadwin Associate Producer, Virtual Management
Research and Development, Graphic Design

Loc Dao Randomlink Interactive Inc., Web Hosting
Dannielle Hayes Photographer, Digital Audio
Javier Pérez Solano Video - Salamandra TV
Peter Davis Documentary Director – Villon Films
Barbara Anderson Video, Editing
Mary Frymire Video - La Sirena Pictures
Nilo Pereira del Mar Director, Director of Photography, Video
Education - Consultants
Andres Lix Lopez International Indigenous Studies, Adult Education; Mayan scholar, Interpreter
Dr. Tony Bates E-Learning and Distance Education
Tony Bates & Associates
Armando Villarroel Executive Director, CREAD
The Inter-American Distance Education Consortium
Dr. Mohamed Ally Mobile Technology
Shakeel Hirji Elluminate Inc., e-learning and collaborative solutions
V.P. Business Development and Sales Canada
Luyen Dao Technology Support
Additional Web Designers (Segments)
Judy Michaud Designer
Lara Kroeker Designer
Editorial Development
Karen Snowshoe Lawyer; Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission, Adjudication Panel
Program Hosts
Kenneth Deer Independent Expert, Publisher
Lic. Oscar González César Diplomat; Coordinator de Difusión Cultural y Extensión, Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México; former President, Academia Mexicana de Derechos Humanos (AMDH)
Woodrow Morrison Storyteller, Motion Picture Consultant
Carolina Radovan Video Editor, Production Assistant, Translations
Carla Plante Production Assistant, Media, Performance

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