Huron Wyandot
Turtle Island


Video Translation: We are here not only to defend our own persons and our own organizations; we are here to talk about other people at home. We are here to talk from the grass roots level; we are here as spokespersons of our people, of our misery, of our poverty, of oppression and often, and too long, of genocide. And this has to stop. We believe by this sign of gesture, to raise our flag, we, all the Indigenous Peoples of the world, we will come under the flag of the South American Indian Nation here. Because this is their territory. This is how we want to show a sign of unity; not only fighting for our flag, not only fighting for our own reasons, but for the world. We are all one within the great circle of life, never forget that.

Konrad Sioui and
Jacques Cousteau
UN Earth Summit
Brazil 1992

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